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Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery is submitted to two major PBS strands P.O.V. and Independent Lens, or offered to PBS through American Public Television. Cable channels like HBO, Showtime and Discovery Health offer alternative outlets for national exposure. The broadcasts will be promoted and publicized through the network of TBI organizations, with publicists targeting major markets and a full community engagement campaign.
> 2018-2019 Television Screening dates

Likewise, the producer/director will market the film to these communities, while a distributor such as Productions for Fanlight Films, which specializes in health issues, or California Newsreel will reach a broader educational market. Distribution strategies will target organizations and medical facilities for TBI care and treatment, as well as support and advocacy groups, including the Brain Injury Association of America and the North American Brain Injury Society.Festival, community and theatrical screenings nationwide will feature panel discussions with TBI survivors and 5 Jason Poole, before and after TBI experts. YouTube postings and a Facebook affinity group will broaden these audiences and promote the distribution. PBS International, which has represented five of Brown’s documentaries, will handle foreign television acquisitions.

Community Engagement Campaign

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In conjunction with the distribution and broadcast of Going the Distance, we will spearhead a community engagement campaign working at the local, regional, and national level. Our key goals are to create a deeper understanding of the issues faced by survivors of TBI among the public in general, and among friends, family and caregivers, in particular; to support efforts to dismantle attitudinal barriers that limit the full participation of TBI survivors in society; and to build capacity in the TBI movement by providing a powerful tool to organizations engaging local constituencies. On the national level, the film will support the TBI Act, which is scheduled for reauthorization in 2012. This is the key legislation supporting the care and treatment of TBI, and its funding is in danger. We will build a comprehensive web site for sharing information, ideas, and tools, as well as aggregating the best practices. It will host tools for educators, caregivers, advocates, and friends and family, including a social networking hub, where TBI survivors, friends, and family can create a virtual support community.

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The web site will highlight successful best-case TBI programs from communities throughout the country and provide links to critical resources. We will work with support and advocacy groups including the Brain Injury Association of America and the North American Brain Injury Society to arrange for screenings at libraries, schools, colleges, universities, community groups, and national nonprofit TBI organization conferences. Events can bring together TBI experts, community members and local leaders for a face-to-face exchange providing the foundation for ongoing collaboration and action.